Export / Import

We at QBIS Art facilitate both air and ocean freight, employing efficient routing methods to ensure the safe transportation of artwork for the benefit of our customers.

In particular, QBIS operates storage facilities within airport bonded areas, providing unique specialized services for artwork.
Leveraging our international network specializing in artwork handling, QBIS delivers high-quality services to all customers.
  • AMS

  • Art Market Service caters to the prompt and cost-effective international shipping 
 for small volumes of artwork.
  • APS

  • Art Premium Service is tailored for the secure shipping of high-value artwork.
  • ACS

  • Art Cargo Service is the ideal choice for larger quantities of artwork at reasonable rates.
  • AFS

  • Art Fair Service offers consolidation services for participation in international art fairs.
Packing and Crating

Crate Production for Export Use

QBIS boasts a state-of-the-art packing studio equipped with a dock facility, capable of safely packing artwork of all sizes, from small pieces to large sculptures.

We offer customized soft packing services tailored to the material and condition of the artwork, prioritizing safety while also focusing on design and customization.

Our team of art technicians handles the crating and shoring of valuable artwork, ensuring secure transportation.

Storage Operations Management

QBIS maintains secure storage facilities equipped with advanced features such as thermo-hygrostat systems and HFC-125 hydrant fire suppression systems.

Our storage facilities are carefully maintained at temperatures ranging from 16℃ to 24℃ and humidity levels between 45% and 63%, in line with UNESCO recommendations.

With loading dock access, our storage facilities accommodate the movement of large sculptures, wooden crates, and feature unmanned security systems operating 24/7.

Through our artwork management program, Q-net, customers can monitor the condition and inventory of their artwork in real-time and request movement at their convenience.
Road Transportation

QBIS operates a dedicated art-van shuttle service covering all major cities on the Korean peninsula, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery.

With a transportation fleet comprising 10 specialized art vehicles for domestic artwork transportation, QBIS ensures that Art technicians accompany deliveries of all kinds of artwork, prioritizing security and safe transportation.
Art Installation

QBIS boasts a team of experienced art handlers proficient in handling masterpieces at international art fairs and gallery installations.

Before executing installations, QBIS conducts thorough site visits to understand conditions and devise safe delivery and installation plans.

Our professional art handers are equipped to handle a variety of tasks, including the installation of sculptures, media works, mobiles, ceramics, and relics, ensuring the use of proper equipment and packing materials.
Gallery Service

QBIS provides gallery-friendly services to assist galleries with various tasks.

such as domestic and international art fair logistics, import/export of artwork, transportation and installation.

Once our exclusive handler team is assigned under contract, QBIS offers seamless services to clients, catering to the needs of prestigious galleries worldwide, including Pace, Cmay, and Philip Colbert.
Private Client Service

QBIS offers comprehensive services for storing and managing artwork from the moment of acquisition by the customer.

Through our Q-net service, QBIS customers can manage artwork conditions, receive real-time updates, and request movement in and out of storage facilities.